“If a plant is to unfold its specific nature to the full, it must first be able to grow

in the soil in which it is planted”. (Carl G. Jung)


Are you looking to gain clarity in your thinking, explore what is really important, remove obstacles that may have been holding you back, improve performance and effectiveness, develop your resilience and achieve greater fulfilment and work life balance ? This is what our coaching has to offer.

An organisations’ people capability is critical for business success and this makes the investment in focused one to one development a vital part of leadership development strategy. The ever-increasing pace of change requires leaders to develop in their roles quickly, take up new challenges, cope with pressure and uncertainty and coaching offers an individualised form of development that accelerates performance.

Coaching will benefit

Our Approach:

Leaders and Managers

High potential employees         

New recruits including graduates

Career Development and transition


I adhere to the International Coach Federation ethics and philosophy of professional coaching partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. I believe that each person is unique and we work with our clients to design a coaching relationship that is right for the individual. I ensure clear outcomes for the coaching are set with well defined measures of success. I provide a supportive mirror for self evaluation and development and an objective, non judgemental sounding board.  

Typically,the coaching process involves an initial conversation with the client, a client intake session, design of the coaching agreement, psychometric assessments (if appropriate), the coaching sessions (this includes in-between assignments and ongoing reviews) and evaluation.  Sessions may be face to face or conducted remotely.

  email: humaira@inspiredhorizons.co.uk